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Full text of "Genealogical table of the Lee family : from the first emigration to America in 1641, brought down to the year 1851. Comp. from information furnished by Hon. Martin Lee"

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In 1641. 






Of Morris, Otsego County, I. Y. 









In 1641. 






> * 

Of Morris, Otsego County, N. Y. 




1851. L* 

C S 71 




NOTHING is known by the compiler, of the LEE family 
prior to their removal to America. In the year 1641, 
THOMAS LEE, the ancestor of all the LEES in this coun- 
try, sailed from some port in England, for the United States. 
He had with him, his wife and three children, PHEBE, 
JANE, and THOMAS, and his Father-in-law, a Mr. BROWN. 
On the passage, THOMAS LEE, the father, died of the 
small pox, and his remains were committed to the sea. 
The Mother, with her Father and children arrived safely, 
and they lived together for many years in Saybrook, Con- 
necticut. Mr. BROWN, her father, afterwards removed to 
Providence in Rhode- [sland, where he married again, and 
from him are descended the numerous and respectable 
family of the BROWNS, of that town and State. The ge- 
nealogy from this THOMAS LEE is given, so far as particu- 
lars could be obtained, with such incidents and facts in 
relation to members of the family, as were either known, 
or furnished to the writer. 

1. THOMAS LEE, born in England married a BROWN 
sailed for this country in 1641, and died on the 
passage. His children were, 

1st, PHEBE, who mar ried a Mr. Large of Long 
Island, by whom she had a daughter, who mar- 

_^==^^^=__ = = 

ried a Mr. Wright of Killingworth, Conn. This 
is all that is known of her or her descendants. 

2d, JANE, who married a Mr. Hyde of Norwich, 
Ct., and from them descended a numerous family 
of that name living at Norwich and Lebanon, Ct. 
Besides sons, JANE had two daughters, Elizabeth 
and Phebe. Elizabeth married Matthew Gris- 
wold, of Lyme, Ct., from whom descended all the 
family of Griswolds in that town. One of their 
sons, was the Rev. George Griswold of the East 
Society in Lyme. Another was John, the father 
of Matthew Griswold, formerly Governor of the 
State of Connecticut. One of their daughters 
married a Mr. Dorr of Lyme ; another, Col. Ro- 
bert Lay of Lyme ; and another, John Dennison, 
also of Lyme. They all left children, but no 
more of their history is known to the compiler. 
Phebe (2d daughter of Jane,) married Richard 
Lord of Lyme, the ancestor of the numerous fam- 
ily of that name in that town. One of her daught- 
ers married Samuel Ely of Lyme, (see Appendix 
C) ; another, married a Mr. Waterhouse ; another, 
a Mr. Pierson, both of Lyme ; and another, Ste- 
phen Lee, son of Thomas Lee (2). 

3d, THOMAS (2) * who married Sarah Kirtland 
of Saybrook, Ct. 

2. THOMAS LEE (son of THOMAS (1), ) married SARAH 
KIRTLAND. Their children were, 

* The figures enclosed in a parenthesis, refer to the numbers, which will 
be found at the left hand of the same names, when the same persons are 
more particularly mentioned. The reader can thus easily trace out any 
Genealogy desired, at pleasure. 

1st, JOHN (3), who married Elizabeth Smith of 

2d, THOMAS (8), who married Elizabeth Gra- 
ham of Hartford, Ct. 

3d, SARAH, who married Daniel Buckingham 
of Saybrook, by whom she had the following chil- 
dren : 1st, Daniel, who married Lydia Lord of Say- 
brook, and had by her eight children, viz : Daniel, 
Adonijah, Nathan, Samuel, Giles, Andrew, Anna, 
and Lydia. 2d, Stephen, who moved to one of 
the Carolinas. 3d, a daughter (name unknown) 
who married Nathaniel Parker of Saybrook, but 
left no children. 4th, a daughter (name un- 
known) who married Deacon Andrew Lord of 
Saybrook, and left children. 5th, a daughter 
(name unknown) who married Jonathan Butler 
of Saybrook, and left children. 6th, Anna, who 
died unmarried. 

His first wife SARAH dying, THOMAS LEE (2) 
married for his second wife MARY D' WOLFF of 
Lyme, by whom he had the following children : 

1st, WILLIAM,* who married Mary Griffin of 
Long Island, by whom he had children, viz : 1st, 
Ezra, who married a Miss Southard of Lyme, 
and had by her several children, one of whom 
married the Rev. Richard C. Graham, of Dedham, 
Mass., and after his death, a Mr. King of Palmer, 
Mass. ; another daughter married the Rev. Moses 

* I find, by an entry made by my Grandfather, EZRA LEE, that this 
William Lee, first introduced the use of Forks, at table, in Lyme. What 
substitute was in use before, I know not. 

W. H. H. 

Baldwin, also of Palmer. 2d, Abner (5) who 
married Elizabeth Lee, daughter of John Lee (4). 
3d, Cyrus, who married a Miss Huntley of Lyme. 
4th, a daughter (name unknown) who married 
Uriah Rowland of Lyme, and left children. 5th, 
Azubah, who married Daniel D' Wolf, by whom 
she had children. After his death she married 
Josiah Sill of Lyme. 

2d, STEPHEN, who married Abigail Lord, by 
whom he had several children ; one of whom, 
Col. Stephen Lee married and lived in New-Lon- 
don ; another, Thomas, married a Miss Peck; 
one daughter married John Lay of Lyme, and 
another married Nathan Latimer of New-London. 
All of these left children. 

3d, A DAUGHTER (name unknown) who mar- 
ried Joseph Beckwith of Lyme, by whom she had 
ten children. 

4th, A DAUGHTER (name unknown) who mar- 
ried Samuel Peck of Lyme, and had children. 

5th, PHEBE, who married Deacon Reynold 
Marvin of Lyme,* by whom she had children. 

6th, HANNAH, who married John Griswold of 
Lyme, (see page 4.) They had a large family, 

* Several characteristic and probably authentic anecdotes of this worthy, 
but most eccentric man, may be found in BARBER'S " Historical Collections 
of Connecticut," Art. " Lyme." He was the ancestor of my esteemed 
friend the late Col. EDMUND KIRBT, of Brownville, New- York, being, if I 
mistake not, the Grandfather of his mother. The epitaph on Deacon 
Marvin's tombstone may still be seen by the visiter to the Burying Ground 
of the First Society in Lyme. It is as follows: 

" This Deacon, aged G8, 
Is freed on earth from serving, 
May for a crown no longer wait, 
Lyme's Captain Reynold Marvin." 

viz : 1st, Matthew, (Governor of Connecticut) who 
married Ursula Wolcott, daughter of Gov. Roger 
Wolcott of Ct. 2d, Thomas, who married a Miss 
Lynde of Saybrook. 3d, Phebe who married 
the Rev. Jonathan Parsons of Lyme, and after- 
wards of Newburyport. 4th, Hannah, who mar- 
ried Benajah Bushnell of Norwich. 5th, Sarah, 
who married William Hillhouse of Montville. 
6th, Lucy, who married Elijah Backus of Nor- 
wich. 7th, Clivina, who married a Mr. Elliot of 
New Milford. 8th, Deborah, who married a Mr. 
Jewett of Lyme. 9th, Lydia, who married a 
Mr. Loudon of New- York. 

7th, LYDIA, who died unmarried. 

THOMAS LEE, whose children are given 
above, must have been a very wealthy man, for 
his purchases of land are said to have amounted 
to one-eighth part of the town of Lyme. 

3. JOHN LEE, (son of THOMAS (2) ) married ELIZABETH 
SMITH, of Lyme, by whom he had three sons and 
eight daughters, viz : 

1st, JOHN (4), who married Lydia Allen of 

2d, JOSEPH, who married Mary Allen of Mont- 
ville. They had ten children, only three of whom 
lived to adult years, viz: Samuel, Joseph and 
Jason. The first two were Physicians ; the other 
a Baptist minister in Lyme. He died in 1811. 
JOSEPH (the father) was in early life, a lay preach- 
er. When somewhat advanced in years, he was 
ordained by the Presbytery of Long Island, Pas- 
tor of the church at Oyster Ponds, Long Island. 
He continued their minister until the Revolution- 


ary war broke out, when he returned to Lyme, 
and died there at a good old age. 

3d, BENJAMIN, who married Mary Ely, of 
Lyme, by whom he had eleven children. He 
was a farmer and died of the small pox in April, 

4th, SARAH, who married John Lay, of Lyme, 
by whom she had five children. 

5th, ELIZABETH, who died unmarried. 

6th, PHEBE, who married James Elderkin, by 
whom she had children. After his death, she mar- 
ried Samuel Southard of Lyme, whom she sur- 

7th, LUCY, who married Amos Tinker of Lyme, 
by whom she had children. She died of the con- 

8th, JANE, who married Thomas Way of Lyme, 
by whom she had several children, one of whom, 
(Delight] married Giles Lee, son of John Lee (4). 

9th, MARY, who married John Comstock of 
Montville, by whom she had six children. One 
of her sons (John) was a Lieutenant in the army 
of the Revolution, and was killed at the taking of 
New- York, September 15, 1776. Another son, 
(.Asa) was drowned at sea. 

10th, HEPHZIBAH, who married Elisha Lee (9) 
of Lyme. Their children will be given hereafter. 
After his death, she married John Sill of Lyme, 
by whom she had two sons, Richard and Enoch, 
both of whom died young. 

llth, JOANNA, who married John Beckwith of 
Lyme, by whom she had four children. JOHN 
LEE (3) died of the measles, January 17th (O. S.) 

1716, aged 44. He left a dying charge to his 
children and descendants enjoining each and all 
of them to the end of time, to keep a copy of it.* 
After his death, his widow married John Barley 
of Groton, and survived him, dying in 1762, aged 
about 90. 

4. JOHN LEE, t (son of JOHN LEE (3), ) married LYDIA 
ALLEN of Montville, Ct, by whom he had the 
following children : 

1st, ELIZABETH, born November 2, 1724, who 
married Abner Lee (5). Their children will be 
given hereafter. 

2d, LYDIA, who died unmarried. 

3d, THINAH, of whom nothing further is 

His first wife dying, JOHN LEE married EUNICE 
LEE, daughter of THOMAS (8), by whom he had 
the following children : 

1st, JOHN, who married Elizabeth Griswold, 
bu-t died of the small pox about nine months after 
his marriage, leaving no children. He was a 
Physician, and resided in Sharon, Conn. 

2d, MARTIN, who died in 1746 of the con- 
sumption, being some ten or twelve, years of age. 

3d, GILES, who married, 1st, Delight Way of 
Lyme, (see page 8) who died childless in 1764. 
He then married a Miss Smith of Sandersfield, 
Mass., (in which place he was a farmer,) and had 
by her several children, all of whom died young, 

* See Appendix A. 

t This JOHN LEE, first introduced the use"bf cups and saucers in Lyme. 
So saj s my Grandfather. W. H. H. 



except a daughter, named Delight. This second 
wife died in 1777, and he then married Martha 
Crook of Blanford, Mass., by whom he also had 
several children. He died of the consumption in 
August 1790, aged 52. 

4th, ANNA, who married Zachariah Marvin of 
Lyme, by whom, she had a number of children. 
She died of the small pox, in March 1777. 

His second wife dying, JOHN LEE again mar- 
ried, his third wife being ABIGAIL TULLY of Say- 
brook, by whom he had, 

1st, EUNICE, who married Samuel Hall, son of 
the Rev, Theophilus Hall of Wallingford, by 
whom she had eight children, viz : Lee, Eunice, 
Samuel, Elihu, William, Lucy, Fanny and John 
Hubbard. She died March 20, 1790, of the small 
pox. Her husband survived her about one year, 
dying March 29, 1791. 

2d, ANDREW (11). 

JOHN LEE died August 26, 1745, aged 43. He 
was a Lawyer of considerable eminence, having 
been for some time King's Attorney for the county 
of New London. He was for many years the 
Representative for Lyme, in the General Assem- 
bly. After his death, his widow ABIGAIL remov- 
ed to Saybrook, and on the 6th of January 1749, 
was married to Deacon CALEB CHAPMAN of that 
town, with whom she lived until May 2, 1773, 
when she died, in the 65th year of her age. 

5. ABNER LEE (son of WILLIAM LEE, the son of THO- 
MAS (2) by his second wife) was born October 26, 
1726, and married ELIZABETH LEE, daughter of 


JOHN LEE (4), the 13th of August 1747. They 
had the following children : 

1st. EZRA (6), bora January 21, 1749. 

2d, LUCINDA, born January 16, 1752, who 
married Elias Mather, Oct. 17, 1771. 

3d. LYDIA, bom August 1, 1754, and died 
March 15, 1755. 

4th, DAN, born February 6, 1757, who married 
Lurana Champlin, by whom he had the follow- 
ing children, viz : 1st, Silas, who died young. 
2d, Lurana, who married Nathan Stark of North 
Lyme, by whom she had children, viz : 1st, a 
daughter who married Mr. Scrantom. 2d, a 
daughter, who married Nathan Jewett, Junior. 
3d, Dan Lee, late Captain of the London and 
New- York packet ship, "Mediator." He died in 
December 1848, on his homeward bound passage, 
leaving a wife and one child. His first wife dying, 
DAN LEE married Abigail Champlin, and after 
her death, a widow Goold. He survived them all, 
and died about twenty years since. 

5th, JOHN, born May 6, 1759, and died May 
26, 1760. 

6th, ABNER, Jr., bom May 20, 1763, who mar- 
ried a Miss Griffin, and lived near Hudson's river 
in the State of New- York. 

7th, JOHN ALLEN, born May 26, 1765, who 
married a Miss Stoutenburgh, by whom he had 
four daughters. He was a physician, and lived 
in Clinton, N. Y. 

7th, CLARISSA, bom January 27, 1769, and 
died June 13, 1770. 

His first wife dying, ABNER LEE married widow 


LTJCRETIA JEWETT, whose maiden name was 
ROGERS. By her he had one daughter ELIZA- 
BETH, who married a Mr. Bingham. This second 
wife of ABNER survived him a number of years, 
and died about 1830, being nearly 100 years of 

6. EZRA LEE,* (son of ABNER (5), ) married on the 14th 
of November, 1771, DEBORAH MATHER!, daugh- 
ter of Capt. Richard Mather of Lyme. She was 
born October 3, 1752, and died June 30, 1826. 
Their children were, 

1st, SAMUEL HOLDEN PARSONS (7), born Au- 
gust 5, 1772. 

2d, ELIZABETH, bom August 31, 1774, who 
married Edward Hill % of Lyme. Their children 
were, 1st, Christopher Edward, who married 
Martha Maria Arnold of Haddam, Ct., by whom 
he has had the following children, viz : Henry, 
Henry Edward and Ellen, who all died in infan- 
cy ; Edward William, who died in 1849, aged 14 
years ; and Francis Burrows, (still living). 2d, 
Elizabeth Lee, unmarried. 3d, Mary Ann, who 
married John Bartlett of New-Hampshire. 4th, 
Lucia Marvin, who married Dr. Lewis B. Gre- 
gory of Albany, by whom she had the following 

* See appendix B. 

t The mother of Mrs. LEE was DEBORAH ELY. As the genealogy of the 
ELY family is, not only here, but in several other cases, connected with 
that of the LEES, I insert as full a list thereof, as could be obtained. I 
am indebted therefor to my uncle, JOHN ELY, Esq. of Philadelphia. See 
appendix C. W. H. H. 

t For as full a list of my Father's family as I could obtain, see appen- 
dix D. W. H. H. 


children, viz : Emma Marvin, (died in infancy,) 
Edward Hill, Emma Marvin, John Marvin and 
Lewis Benedict. The last two died in infancy. 
Dr. Gregory died in 1838, and Lucia died, No- 
vember, 1850. 5th, Margaret Jane, who mar- 
ried James Burton of Albany, by whom she has 
had the following children, viz : William Henry, 
John Edward, Catharine Elizabeth, Emma Ste- 
phens, James Cobb (died in infancy), and Mar- 
garet Jane. 6th, William Henry, who married 
Ann McAlister, of Albany, by whom he has two 
children, viz : Jane Elizabeth and Isabella May- 
ell. 7th, Samuel Lee, who died in infancy. 

3d, LUCIA, born May 8, 1777, and died Octo- 
ber 25, 1778. 

4th, LUCIA MATHER, bom November 10, 1779, 
who married John Marvin of Albany, by whom 
she had three children, viz : 1. Richard Henri/, 
2. Charles Benjamin and 3. William Alexander, 
all of whom died young. 

5th, POLLY, born April 16, 1782, and died May 
7, 1782. 

6th, PHEBE, born June 6, 1783, and died Au- 
gust 2, L805. 

17, 1787, and died July 30, 1796. 

vember 11, 1794, who married John Ely, Jr., (see 
appendix C.) by whom she has had the following 
children, viz: 1st, Elizabeth Bennet (died in in- 
fancy) ; 2d, Charles Henry, (do.) ; 3d, Eliza, 
who married James Hall Bready of Philadelphia, 
and had by him two children, viz : John Ely, and 
Louisa Ely. Mr. B. died December 26, 1842. 


4th, John Lee, (died in infancy). 5th, Louisa. 
6th, Richard Henry (died in infancy). 7th, 
James. 8th, William. 

7. SAMUEL H. P. LEE,* (son of EZRA (6),) married ELI- 
ZABETH SULLIVAN. She was born in 1773, and 
died August 1, 1847. Their children were the 
following : 

1st, JOHN SULLIVAN, who died in 1819 un- 

2d, HENRY SULLIVAN, who married Mrs. Eli- 
zabeth McKinstry, and has had by her the follow- 
ing children : 1st, John Sullivan ; 2d, Henry 
Clay ; 3d, Maria Louisa ; 4th, Thomas Hobble; 
5th, Jessie Thompson ; 6th, Margaret Ely, (died 
in infancy) ; 7th, Drury Thompson, and 8th, 
Eugene Clark. 

3d, ELIZABETH CHAPMAN, who lives with her 
father in New- York. 

4th, SARAH TABER, who died unmarried. 

5th, SAMUEL HOLDEN PARSONS Jr., who mar- 
ried Mrs. Barrow of Pittsfield, Mass., and has 

* A physician of eminence in his profession ; formerly living in New 
London, Conn., but now in New- York. In 1798, the yellow fever raged in 
New London with appalling violence and fatality. Dr. Webster, in his 
" History of Epidemic and Pestilential diseases," thus alludes to the in- 
trepid conduct of Dr. LEE : 

" Early in the sickness, all the Physicians, but one who was too much 
indisposed to practice, and another, Dr. Rawson, who was violently at- 
tacked with the fever, deserted the city, excepting Dr. SAMUEL H. P. LEE, 
to whose lot it fell alone and unassisted, to combat the fury of this dread- 
ful pestilence. Such was the difficulty in procuring nurses and watchers, 
that some of our most opulent citizens were seen going from house to 
house with money in their hands, offering any price for assistance even 
for a single night, in vain." 


had by her two children, viz : 1st, Elizabeth 
Sullivan, and 2d, Henry Clinton (died in infancy.) 

6th, MARY TABER, who died unmarried. 

7th, WILLIAM RICHARD, who lives in Mobile, 

8th, THOMAS EZRA, (died in infancy.) 

9th, MARIA LOUISA, who lives with her father 
in New- York. 

8. THOMAS LEE. (son of THOMAS (2),) married ELIZA- 

BETH GRAHAM of Hartford. Their children 
were : 

1st, THOMAS, who died unmarried. 

2d, SAMUEL, who married Jane Freeman of 
New-London, by whom he had several children. 

3d, ELISHA (9), who married Hephzibah Lee, 
daughter of John (3). 

4th, MARY, who died unmarried, 

5th, ELIZABETH, who married the Rev. George 
Griswold of East Lyme, (see page 4.) 

6th, A DAUGHTER, (name unknown,) who 
married Clement Miner of Lyme, by whom she 
had several children. 

7th, EUNICE, who married John Lee (4), being 
his second wife. 

9. ELISHA LEE (son of THOMAS (8), married HEPHZI- 

BAH LEE, daughter of John Lee (3), by whom he 
had the following children, viz : 

1st, ELISHA, who married , and had 

ten children, viz : 1, Elisha who lived in Clinton. 
New- York.. His children were William, Charles, 
Elisha (these last two live in Rochester, N. Y.) 
Enoch, Richard and Sally. 2. John, 3. Enoch, 
4. James, S.Jonathan, 6. George, 7. Richard, 8. 


Phebe who married a Mr. Lay of Cazenovia^ N. 
Y., 9. Fanny, who married a Dr. Huntington of 
Long Island. 10. Abby, who married Abraham 
Gardner of Long Island, afterwards of New Hart- 
ford. Oneida county, N. Y. 

2d, SETH (10.) 

3d, PHEBE, who married a Mr. Reynolds of 
Norwich Ct., and had by him two daughters, one 
of whom married Giles L'Hommedieu ; the other 
died unmarried. 

4th, KATE, who married Elijah Ely of North 
Lyme, (see Appendix C.) by whom she had six 
children, viz : 1, Phebe who married Calvin Sel- 
den, and is the mother of the Hon. Samuel L. and 
Henry R. Selden of Rochester, N. Y. 2. Kate, 3. 
Hannah, 4. Hephzibah, 5. Samuel, 6. Elijah. 

10. SETH LEE (son of ELISHA (9), married BETSEY 
SMITH, by whom he had seven children, viz : 

1st, HEPHZIBAH, who married Nathan Jewett. 

2d, SETH, who married Mary Ann Hill of 
Lyme.* Their children were the following, viz : 
1. Christopher, who married Betsey Tiffany, 2. 
Seth, who married Charlotte J. Warren, 3. Eliza, 
unmarried, 4. Betsey, who married George R. 
Peck, 5. Richard, who married , 6. Abby, 
who married Reuben L. Hall, of Lyme, 7. Mary, 
who married Henry Brewer of Cortlandville, N. 
Y., 8. Roxana, who married John B. Wells of 
Utica, N. Y. SETH, the Father, was a Congrega- 
tional Minister, settled over the " Grassy Hill" 
Parish in Lyme, where he died very suddenly, 
about twenty-five years since. 

* The eldest sister of my Father. See Appendix D. W. H. H. 


3d, BETSEY who married James Forsyth, and 
had by him a number of children. 

4th, ABBY, who married Alfred Wells of Utica. 
A. L. Wells, a merchant of Utica, is their son. 

5th, RICHARD. 

6th, MARY. 

7th, NANCY. These last three died unmarried. 

11. ANDREW LEE (son of JOHN LEE (4) by his 3d wife, 
ABIGAIL TULLY,) was bom May 7, 1745 (O. S.) 
He was graduated at Yale College in 1766. He 
was, two years thereafter, settled as the Pastor of 
the Congregational Society, in Hanover, town of 
New-Lisbon, Ct, and retained the charge of that 
parish until within a year or two of his death, 
which happened in August, 1832. Harvard Col- 
lege conferred upon him the honorary degree of 
Doctor of Divinity. December 15, 1768, he mar- 
ried EUNICE HALL, 3d daughter of Rev. Theophi- 
lus Hall of Wallingford, (see page 10.) By her, 
he had the following children : 

1st, EUNICE, who married the Rev. Ezra Wil- 
ton, of Wilbraham, Mass., January 21, 1796. 
They subsequently removed to Canandaigua, N. 
Y. and afterwards to West Tennessee, where they 
died. Their children were, 1. Betsey Lee, (died 
in infancy,) 2. John Lee, 3. Robert Bruce, 4. 
Betsey Lee (died in infancy,) 5. Betsey Lee, 6. 
Eunice Hall. 

2d, MARY, who married William Perkins of 

Ashford, Ct., February 12, 1795. Their children 

were, 1. Andrew, 2. Isaac, 3. William Lee, 4. 

Mary, (died in 1822,) ^5. Eleazar, 6. George, 7. 



Louisa, 8. Tamison, 9. Charles, 10. A twin broth- 
er of Charles (died in infancy,) 11. John. 

3d, JOHN, who married Mary Griffin of Lisbon, 
Ct., September 30, 1798. He was an attorney 
at law, settled in Cambridge, Washington county 
N. Y., and died in Greenwich, same county, July 
29, 1814. Their children were, 1. Eliza Maria, 
who married John Brigham, Jr. of Lisbon. They 
afterwards removed to Ellsworth, Ohio, where 
she died in 1820. 2, Eleanor Perkins, who mar- 
ried Frederick Perkins of Windham, Ct. They 
removed to Niles, Mich., where they now reside. 
They have a large family. 

4th, TULLY who married Lois Abell of Frank- 
lin, Ct., May 19, 1796, who died in 1805, and her 
husband in 1806. Their children were, 1. Wil- 
liam Tully, who resides in Hartford Ct. He mar- 
ried in 1827, Mary Alderman, by whom he had 
four children, viz : William Henry, John Albert 
(died in infancy,) George Butler, (died in infancy) 
and Mary. His first wife dying of consumption 
in 1843, he married in 1845, Mary Collins of New 
Haven, Ct. 2. Marian, who was married in Sep- 
tember, 1827, to Ebenezer Penny of Ellington, 
Ct., and had by him the following children, viz : 
Henry Lee (died in infancy) Charles Hitchcock, 
Henry Lee, Mary (died in infancy) Caroline, Mary, 
Ellen, and Elizabeth. 3. Lois Fellows, who was 
married in September 1827, to Ebenezer Potter 
and had by him three children, viz : Jeremiah 
Fellows, Ira Hart, and Mary. 

5th, ABIGAIL, who was married in December 
1799, to Charles Lord, a merchant of Ashford, Ct. 


They subsequently removed to Canterbury, and 
in 1810, to Montreal, Canada, where they died 
the wife in 1817. Their children were, 1. Charles 
(died in his llth year,) 2. William, 3. Caroline, 
4. Edwin, 5. Oscar, (died in his 9th year,) 6. Na- 
thaniel (died in infancy.) 

6th, ANDREW, who married in January 1807, 
Lemira Bushnell of Lisbon. He died in February 
1815. Their children were, 1. Abigail Williams, 
2. William Avery (died in his 12th year.) 

7th, LUCY, who was married in June 1802, to 
Doct. Judah Bliss of Wilbraham, Mass. He sub- 
sequently removed to Tolland, Ct. ; afterwards to 
Hartford ; then to Black Rock, and finally to Buf- 
falo, where he died. They had two children, viz : 
1. Judah Lee, 2. Lucy. 

8th, MARTIN (12.) 

9th, WILLIAM, who married in April, 1812, 
Nancy Bingham of Lisbon, by whom he had six 
children, viz : 1, Elizabeth Williams. 2, Eunice 
Hall. 3, Nancy. 4, Andrew. 5, Tabitha. 6, 
Lucy. His first wife dying in 1825, he married 
Sally Storrs, and had by her two children, viz. 
1, Sally, (died in infancy.) 2, William Storrs. 
His second wife died December 6, 1838. 

10th, BETSEY, who died in infancy. 

His first wife EUNICE dying, October 7, 1800, 
the Rev. ANDREW LEE was again married in 
October, 1801, to Mrs. ABIGAIL SMITH, widow of 
Ebenezer Smith of Roxbury, Mass. Her maiden 
name was Williams. She died in May, 1831, 
and her husband, as before stated, in August, 


12. MARTIN LEE,* (son of ANDREW LEE (11),) married 

in November, 1811, ANNA WENDELL, eldest 
daughter of Hon. Gerrit Wendell of Cambridge, 
Washington co., N. Y., by whom he has had the 
following children : 

1st, ELIZA ANN, who was married in November, 
1835, to Doct. William Wright, then of Schagh- 
ticoke, but now of Fort Edward, N. Y. Their 
children are, 1, William Henry Seward. 2, Hele- 
na Mary, (died in infancy.) 3, Cornelia Lee. 
4, Martin Lee (died in infancy.) 5, Albert 

2d, GERRTT WENDELL, who died in infancy. 

3d, KATHARINE MARIA, who was married to 
John W. Clements of Glen's Falls, N. Y., by 
whom she has had two children, viz: 1. Francis 
Martin. 2. George Lee. 

4th, CORNELIA WENDELL, who died unmar- 
ried in 1840. 

5th, WILLIAM ANDREW, who married Lucinda 
Ostrander of Michigan, by whom he has had one 
son, Francis William. The family reside in 
Granville, N. Y. 

6th, MARTIN TULLY, who died in infancy. 

7th, GEORGE PLATT, who is unmarried, and 
lives in California. 

* He is an attorney at law in Granville, N. Y., and was from 1838 to 
1842, a Senator from the then Fourth Senatorial district of this State. He 
was much and justly respected as a legislator, and was elected President 
pro tern, of the Senate in 1841. Here commenced my first acquaintance 
with him, being myself then Reporter for the Albany Evening Journal. 
I am indebted to him for most of the foregoing statistics of the LEE family, 
his father having kept their genealogy from the first emigration to this 
country. W. H. H. 


8th, REBECCA VAN VECHTEN, who was mar- 
ried in August, 1849, to Samuel W. Perry of 
Granville, and has one child, Anna Wendell. 

9th, HELENA MARY, unmarried. 

10th, GERRIT WENDELL, who died in infancy. 

llth, CORNELIUS WENDELL, who also died in 


(Referred to on page 9.) 

The Dying Charge of JOHN LEE of Lyme, given to his children on his 
death bed, January 13th (0. S.) 1716, four days before his death : 

" I charge you, my dear children, that you fear God and keep His com- 
mandments, and that you uphold His public worship with diligence and 
as constantly as you can. And that you be constant in the duty of secret 
prayer twice every day, all the days of your lives ; and all you that come 
to be heads of families, that you be constant in family prayers praying 
evening and morning with your families, besides your prayers at meals. 
And that in your prayers, you pray for converting grace for yourselves 
and others, and that God will show the excellency of Christ, and cause 
you to love Him and believe in Him, and show you the evil of sin, and 
make you hate forever and turn from it and that you never give over till 
you have obtained converting grace from God. Furthermore, I charge 
you, that you choose death rather than deny Christ in any wise or in any 
degree and that you never turn Papists or heretics, but serve God in the 
way you were brought up in. And that you avoid all evil company, lest 
you be led into a snare and temptation. Also, be very careful to avoid all 
excess in drinking, and all other sins and profaneness, and be always du- 
tiful to your mother and kind to one another This I leave in charge to 
all my posterity to the end of the world, charging every person of them to 
keep a copy of this my charge to my children. 

"This is my dying charge to my children. God grant you so to live and 
die, as to have the good man's company. 

(Signed) JOHN LEE." 


(Referred to on page 12.) 

EZRA LEI (my Grandfather,) was an officer in the Revolutionary War. 
The following, which was published immediately after his death, will be 
read with interest, at least, by all of his descendants : 


Obituary notice of Capt. EZRA LEE, copied from the New-York Commercial 
Advertiser of November 15, 1821, where it appeared as a communication. 

Died at Lyme, Connecticut, on the 29th ult., Capt. EZRA LEE, aged 72, 
a revolutionary officer. It is not a little remarkable, that this officer is 
the only man of whom it can be said, that he fought the enemy upon 
land, upon water, and under the water : the latter mode of warfare was as 
follows : 

When the British fleet lay in the North River, opposite to the city of 
New-York, and while Gen. Washington had possession of the city, he was 
very desirous to be rid of such neighbors. A Mr. Bushuell of Saybrook, 
Con., who had the genius of a Fulton, constructed a submarine machine, 
of a conical form, bound together with iron bands, within which one per 
son might sit, and with crank and sculls, could navigate it to any depth 
under water. In the upper part was affixed a vertical screw for the per- 
pose of penetrating ships' bottoms, and to this was attached a magazine of 
powder, within which was a clock, which on being set to run any given 
time, would when run down, spring a gunlock, and an explosion would 
follow. This Marine Turtle, so called, was examined by Gen. Washing- 
ton, and approved : to preserve secrecy, it was experimented with in an 
enclosed yard, in twenty to thirty feet water, and kept during daylight 
locked in a vessel's hold. The brother of the inventor was to be the 
person to navigate the machine into action, but on sinking it the first 
time he declined the service. 

Gen. Washington, unwilling to relinquish the object, requested Major- 
General Parsons to select a person in whom he could confide, voluntarily 
to engage in the enterprise: the latter being well acquainted with the 
heroic spirit, the patriotism, and the firm and steady courage of the de- 
ceased above mentioned, immediately communicated the plan and the 
offer, which he accepted, observing that his life was at Gen. Washington's 
service. After practising the machine until he understood its powers of 
balancing and moving under water, a night was fixed upon for the at- 
tempt. Gen. Washington and his associates in the secret, took their sta- 
tions upon the roof of a house in Broadway, anxiously waiting the result. 
Morning came, and no intelligence could be had of the intrepid submarine 
navigator, nor could the boat which attended him, give any account of him, 
after parting with him the first part of the night. While these anxious 
spectators were about to give him up as lost, several barges were seen to 
start suddenly from Governor's Island, then in possession of the British, 
and proceed towards some object near the Asia ship of the line; as sud- 
denly they were seen to put about, and steer for the island with springing 


oars. In two or three minutes an explosion took place from the surface 
of the water, resembling a water spout, which aroused the whole city 
and region : the enemy's ships took the alarm signals were rapidly 
given the ships cut their cables, and proceeded to the Hook with all 
possible despatch, sweeping their bottoms with chains, and with difficulty 
prevented their affrighted crews from leaping overboard. 

During this scene of consternation, the deceased came to the surface, 
opened the brass head of his aquatic machine ; rose up, and gave a signal 
for the boat to come to him ; but they could not reach him until he again 
descended nnder water, to avoid the enemy's shot from the island, who 
had discovered him, and commenced firing in his wake. Having forced 
himself against a strong current under water until without the reach of shot, 
he was taken in tow, and landed at the Battery amidst a great crowd, and 
reported himself to General Washington, who expressed his entire satis- 
faction that the object was effected without the loss of lives. The de- 
ceased was under the Asia's bottom more than two hours, endeavoring to 
penetrate her copper but in vain. He frequently came up under her 
stern galleries, searching for exposed plank, and could hear the sentinels 
cry. Once he was discovered by the watch on deck, and heard them 
speculate upon him, but concluded a drifted log had paid them a visit. 
He returned to her keel, and examined it fore and aft, and then proceeded 
to some other ships ; but to the impossibility of penetrating their copper, 
for want of a resisting power, hundreds owed their lives. The longest 
space of time he could remain under water was two hours. For a particu- 
lar description of this submarine curiosity, see Silliman's Journal of Arts 
and Sciences. 

The deceased, during the war, ever had the confidence and esteem of 
the commander-in-chief, and was frequently employed by him on secret 
missions of importance. He fought with him at Trenton and Monmouth; 
at Braudywine the hilt of his sword was shot away, and his hat and coat 
were penetrated with the enemy's balls. On the return of peace, he laid 
aside the habiliments of war, and returned to his farm, where, like Ciu- 
cinnatus, he tilled his lands, until now called by the great Commander-in 
Chief, to the regions above. He died without an enemy ; he was univer- 
sally beloved. The suavity of his manners, evenness of temper, and cor- 
rectness of principles, was proverbial, and pleasing to all his acquain- 
tance. He enjoyed the confidence of his fellow-citizens to an extent almost 
unparalleled. His desk was the repository of deeds, contracts, and other 
evidences of property, as well as the widow's and orphan's wealth, for 
safe keeping. He constantly read the papers of the day, and was by 
many considered a political prophet. His Christian nnd moral life was 



sternly strict his Bible his guide and rule of action. " To do unto others 
as he would they should do unto him," was his universal maxim and rule 
of life. His beneyolence and charity were only circumscribed by his 
means. Contented and happy, he was an example of the great blessings 
which flow from the perfect enjoyment of life, regulated by Christian and 
moral virtue. He has left a widow, with whom he has lived fifty-one 
years, and a numerous offspring to mourn the loss of one of the best of 


(Referred to on page 12.) 


RICHARD ELY. a widower, the first of the family of that name who came 
to this country, emigrated from Plymouth, England, about 1660 or 1670, 
accompanied by his youngest son Richard, and settled at Lyme in Con- 
necticut. His eldest sou, William, was then in the West Indies. Richard 
Ely, the elder afterwards married the widow Cullick, daughter of Col. 
Phipps, who owned the great meadow, on which there was a debt of 400, 
which Richard Ely paid, and the estate was settled on him. After two 
years he sent for his eldest son, who came and lived at Lyme with his 
father and brother. 

1. RICHARD came from England as above mentioned. Died 1695. Chil- 
dren : William 2, Richard 7. 

2. WILLIAM (son of Richard 1) married a Smith. Died 1750. Children: 
Richard 8, Elizabeth m. Samuel Smith, Mary m. Moses Noyes, Daniel 9, 
William 3, Deborah m. Geo. Dennis and Col. Butler, family at Niagara, 
Joanna, Joseph. 

3. WILLIAM (sou of William 2) married . Children : Jacob 10, 

James 4, Martha m. Joseph D. Wolf; Deborah m. Richard Mather; Mary 
Ann, Samuel 11, Ammiruhama 12, m. Martha Peck, Hannah m. Abraham 
Turner, Mary m. Edward Brockvvay, Anu m. Elisha Ely. 

4. JAMES (son of William 3) m. Dorcas Andrews of Ipswich. Died 1763. 
Children: Elizabeth born Sep. 14, 1742, m. A. Alford; James 13, b. 9 Feb. 
1744 ; Jacob 14, b. 19 Jan. 1747 ; Ruhamab. 5 Feb. 1745 ; Dorcas b. 15 Jan. 
1749 m. E. Alford; Aaron b. 2 Aug. 1753, killed in battle near Kingsbridge, 
5 Jan. 1777 ; Andrew 15, b. 5 Jan. 1756; John 5, b. 28 Feb. 1758; twins, 
Gad 16, b. 24 May 1762; Rhoda; Tabitha b. 18 Jan. 1752. 

5. JOHN (son of James 4) m. Elizabeth Beunet, Pa., d. 14 Aug. 1847, she 
died Dec. 1797. Children : John 6, Sarah b. June 19, 1789, d. March 7, 


1798 , Eliza m. James Brackett 3 July 1809 ; Maria b. Dec. 5, 1794, died 
April 3, 1797. 

6. JOHN (sou of John 5) b. Philadelphia Aug. 11, 1787, m. Margaret S. 
Lee, April 5, 1814, daughter of Ezra Lee. (For list of their children, see 
page 13.) 

7. RICHARD (son of Richard 1) married a Marvin. Children . Samuel 17, 
Richard 18. 

8. RICHARD (son of William 2) m. 1st Rubamah Thomson ; 2 Margaret 
Olcott. Children: William 19, Joseph 20, Richard 21, 810101122, Ruha- 
mah m Ebenezer Titiany ; Margaret m. Eliab Pratt ; Cullick 23, Elisha 
24, Molly m. Nichols ; Lucretia or Lucy m. Coriiey ; Adriel 25, Sarah m- 
Cheney; Deborah. 

9. DANIEL (son of William 2,) 1st wife Mary Ann Champlin ; 2d, Ruth 
Wells ; 3d. Mary Rose, Long Island ; 4th, Ruahmah Turner. Children : 
Mary m. Beuj. Lee (see page 8 ;) Ann m Asa Harris ; Elizabeth m. Abm. 
Perkins ; Daniel 26, Sarah, Ruth, Wells 27, John 28, Lucretia, Amy m. 
Ezra Selden; Lucretia m. Benj. Colt; Christopher 29, Elisha 30. 

10. JACOB (son of William 3) m. Lydia Ray. Children : Lydia, Sarah, 
William, Moses, Eleanor, Deborah. 

11. SAMUEL (son of William 3) m. Mather. Children: Lucy, Samuel. 

12. AMMIRUHAMMA, (son of William 3) m. Martha Peck. Children : Ga- 
briel, Martha, Gurdon, Hannah, Zelophedad, Pharney, Gates. 

13. JAMES (son of James 4) m. 1, Catharine Hayes; 2, Widow Marvin. 
Children : Richard married and has children ; James m. Miss Barber ; 
Dorcas ; Phebe m. Emmons ; Aaron, John, Catharine, William. 

14. JACOB (son of James 4) m. 1, Temperance Tiflany ; 2, Widow Lois Per- 
kins. Children: Temperance, Aaron, Eli, Jacob, Benjamin, Seth, Seabu- 
ry m. Brown, Calvin, Clark, Gad, Eliza died young. 

15. ANDREW (son of James 4) m. Hannah Perkins. Children : Ruhama, 
Andrew, Seth, Hannah, Lovicy, Thomas, Abijah. 

16. GAD (son of James 4) m. Tamar Meeker. 2d, Widow Van Beuren, 
children all by the latter. Children : Eliza, Edwin, John, Gustavus, Crop- 
sey, one that died young. 

17. SAMUEL (son of Richard 7) m. Miss Lord. (See page 4.) Children: 
Samuel 31 m. Hannah Marsh ; Elizabeth m. Sheldon. 

18. RICHARD (son of Richard 7) m. 1st, Peck; 2d, Hubbard. Children : 
David 32 m. Hepza Mills; Hepzibah m. John Pratt ; Phebe m. James 
Demiison Colt ; Robert 33, m. Jerusha Lay ; Josiah 34, m. Phebe Dennison; 
Elihu 35 m. Ann Ely; Seth 36, m. Lydia Reynolds; Ezra 37, m. 1, Sarah 
Sterling, 2, Anna Sterling; Richard 38, m. Jerusha Sheldon; Esther; 
Elizabeth m. Samuel Selden. 


19. WILLIAM (son of Richard 8) m. Elizabeth Perkins. Children : Wil- 
liam, Abraham, Elizabeth, Lois, Lucy, Joseph, Benjamin, Moses. This 
family settled in New Jersey. 

20. JOSEPH (son of Richard 8,) m. Rebecca Selden. Children: Rebecca 
m. Miner; Anna m. Elihu Ely ; Mehitabel m. Samuel Holmes ; Elizabeth 
m. Reuben Lord ; Joseph died at 21; Hepzibah m. Jonathan Warner; 
Charity m. Mason Brown ; Olive m. Robert Hungerford. 

21. RICHARD (son of Richard 8,) m. Molly Pearson. Children : Esther m. 
Elijah Peck; Molly m. George Read; Richard m. Statia Lay; Irene m. 
Manasseh Leach ; Tabitha in. Judge Jedediah Peck. 

22. SIMON CSGU of Richard 8) m. Halsey. Children: Calvin, Abigail, 
Gabriel, Isaac, Simon, Sluman. 

23. CULLICK (son of Richard 8) m. Sarah Foot. Children : David, Cul- 
lick, Eleazer, Eunice, Sarah, Russel, Charles, Joseph. 

24. ELISHA (sou of Richard 8) m. Ann Ely. Children : Elisha Olcott, 
Masilva, Eliab, Mary Ann ; Deborah, Peggy, twins ; Deborah m. Robert 
Hubbard Ely. 

25. ADRIEL (son of Richard 8) m. Sarah Stow. Children : Horace m. 
Sarah Rogers ; Betsy m. Erastus Sterling; Sumner m. Hannah Gilbert ; 
William Stow m. Lydia Skinner ; Adriel m. Eveline Foster. 

26. DANIEL (son of Daniel 9) m. Abigail Denuison. Children : Daniel 
m. Sarah Whittlesey and Esther Cise ; Lucy m. Joseph Hayes; Jabez m. 
Bennet ; Abigail, unmarried ; Mary Ann m. Philip Tucker ; Dennison ; 
Lucre tia. 

27. WELLS (son of Daniel 9) m. Elizabeth Williams and Rebecca Sel- 
den. Children: Ruth m. Enoch Marvin; Wells m. Sarah Wells ; Zebe- 
diah ; Elizabeth m. Amos Randall; Deborah m. Spencer; Ashbel, Selden, 
Dudley, Rebecca, William, Amah, Rebecca 

28. JOHN (son of Daniel 9) m. Sarah Worthington. Children: Worth- 
ington; Linda ; Betsey m. Samuel Goodrich (Peter Parley's father,) Amah, 
Lucretia, Lucretia, John, Edward. 

29. CHRISTOPHER (son of Daniel 9) 1st wife Eve Marvin; 2d, Esther 
Hunt; 3d, Elliot. Children: Esther, John Christopher. 

30. ELISHA (sou of Daniel 9) in. Susanna Bloomer. Children: Nancy, 
Gilbert, Elisha, Susanna, Gilbert Bloomer, Elisha, William Alfred. 

31. SAMUEL (son of Samuel 17) m. Hannah Marsh. Children: Samuel, 
Elijah m. Kate Lee, see page 16 ; Hannah m. Elliot; Abner m. Brockway ; 
Mary m. Thos. Anderson : Elizabeth m. Abni. Perkins ; Lois m. Ezra 
Selden; Jerusha m. Will'-ims; Marsh. 

32. DAVID (son of Richard 18) m. Hepza Mills. Children: Hepza m. 
Silliman; David, Isaac M., Elisha, Polly m A. Gracie. 


33. ROBERT (son of Richard 18) m. Jerusha Lay. Children : Robert, Je- 
lusha, Phebe, Mary, Simeon. 

34. JOSIAH (sou of Richard 18) m. Phcbe Deuuison. Children : Gris- 
wold ; Enoch m. Mrs. Camp ; Phebo m. Col. Lord ; David ; Richard m. 
Miss Peck of Salem. 

35. ELIHD (son of Richard 18) m. Ann Ely. Children : Caroline m. 
Steele ; Joseph Elihu d. unmarried. Possessor of the family ring * ; Anna 
m. Nathaniel Matson ; Mehitable ; Elihu in. Eliza Ely; Richard; Oliver 
m. Lois Mather; Phebe m. I. Matson; Elias. 

36. SETH (son of Richard 18) m. Lydia Reynolds. Children : John, 
Seth, Lydia, Abigail, Richard, Richard, Ebenezer, Phebe, Deborah. 

37. EZRA (son of Richard 18) m. Sarah Sterling and Anna Sterling. 
Children : Israel m. Noyes ; Benjamin, Anna, Sterling, Zebulun 39. Esther 
m. Beebe ; Sarah m. Peck. 

38. RICHARD (son of Richard 18) m Jerusha Sheldon. Children: Wil- 
liam, Richard, Clarinda, Phebe, Sheldon, Jerusha, Richard, William, Hep- 
zibah, Hulda. 

39. ZEBULON (son of Ezra 37) m. Mills. Children: Cornelia, Jonathan, 
David, Aurelia, George, Julia, Abby, Sarah, Laura, Ezra Stiles 40, Mary, 

40. EZRA STILES (son of Zebulou 39) m. 1st, Mary Ann Carswell. 2d, Caro- 
line T. Holmes. Children: Margaret, Carswell, Ezra Stiles, Ezra S. D., 
Mary Ann, Mary A. M., Ben Ezra, Caroline, Ezra Stiles. 

Notice of the female descendants of the family of Ely. 

DEBORAH (daughter of William 3) married Richard Mather. Children : 
Mehitabel m. Gen. Samuel Holdeu Parsons; Samuel m. Lois Griswold; 
William; Elias m. Lucinda Lee, (See page 11); Deborah m. Capt. Ezra 
Lee. (See page 12) ; Ezra, Lucia, Lucia, Sylvester m. Elizabeth Waite ; 
Polly m. William Champlin ; Richard m. Eunice Moore. 

ELIZABETH (d. of Richard Ely 18) m. Samuel Selden. Children : Eliza- 
beth m. Elisha Marvin ; Samuel, Elijah, Deborah, Charles, Jemima, Rich- 
ard, Mary, Joseph Dudley, George, Dorothea, Roger. 

PHEBE (d. of Richard 18) m. James Dennison Colt. Children : James 
Denuisou, Richard Ely. 

* This is a heavy antique gold ring, which was presented, as tradition says, by CHARLES 
I, to one of the ancestors of the present ELY family. It may be much older. It is a seal 
ring with three Fleurs-de-lis engraved upon it, being the arms of the family. It must al- 
ways be in possession of one of the family of the name of JOSEPH. When JOSEPH ELIHU 
(named in the text) died, he bequeathed the ring to JOSEPH, a son of his brother OLIVER, 
of Binghamtou, N. Y., its present owner. 


HEPHZIBAH (d. of Richard 18) m. John Pratt. Children: Anna, Hephzi- 
bah, John, Anna, David, Ely, Phebe, Mary. 

ELIZABTH (d. of Samuel 17) m. Elisha Sheldon. Children: Lois, Elisha, 
Thomas, Mary, Samuel. 


(Referred to OB page 12.) 

The following, copied from an old family Bible of my Father's, is all the 
information I have been able to obtain in relation to the Genealogy of 
that branch of the HILL family, of which he was a member. 

The first of the name was JAMES HILL, who, as is supposed, emigrated 
to this country from England, about the beginning of the 18th century. 
His son, MICHAEL, (the only one of whom there is any record,) was born 
in 1698. He married for his first wife, SARAH, (maiden name unknown,) 
by whom he had the following children, viz : 

1st. WILLIAM, born in 1722, and died in 1741. 

2d. MICHAEL, born in 1724. 

3d. SARAH, born in 1727. 

4th. PELEG, born in 1730. A son of his, Richard Hill, formerly of Essex, 
Ct., was the father of Heury Hill of Boston, the Treasurer of the Ameri- 
can Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. I believe, though I am 
not positive, that the late Hiland Hill of Catskill was a grandson of PELEG 

His first wife, SARAH, dying in 1730, MICHAEL HILL was married again, 
to ANNA SPENCER, by whom he had the following children, viz : 

1st. ANNA, born in 1731, and died in 1766. 

2d. AARON, born in 1733, and died in 1743. 

3d. MART, born in 1736, and died in 1743. 

4th. BEULAH, born in 1741, and died in 1743, 

5th. WILLIAM, born in 1743. 

6th. SAMUEL, (my grandfather) born in 1745, and died December 8, 1818. 

7th. AARON, born in 1752, and died in 1775. 

MICHAEL HILL died in 1752, and his wife ANNA in 1786. 

SAMUEL HILL, (son of MICHAEL.) married EDITH BAYLEY (born in 1745) 
January 2, 1769. Their children were: 

1st. CHRISTOPHER, born January 28, 1771, and died September 5, 1800. 

2d. EDWARD, born October 4, 1772, and died October 4, 1773. 


3d. EDWARD (2d), born September 7, 1774, who married ELIZABETH 
LEE, November 26, 1801. Their children are given on page 12. He died 
April 15, 1828. 

4th. MART ANN, born March 24, 1777, who married the Rev. SETH LEE 
of Lyrne. Their children are mentioned on page 16. She died in 1843. 

5th. MEHITABEL, born March 26, 1779, and died September 5, 1843. 

6th. ROXANA, born January 9, 1782. She married first, ISAAC McCaAY, 
of Ellington, Ct., and after his death Mr. HOLBROOK of Great Medway, 
Mass., who is also dead. She is the only surviving member of the family. 

7th. SARAH, born January 28, 1784, who married first a Mr. ROGERS, 
by whom she had three children, viz : 1, Robert-; 2, Sarah, who married 
Watrous B. Smith of East Haddam, Ct., and 3, Elizabeth, who married a 
Mr. Penny of Ellington, Ct. Her first husband dying, Mrs. ROGERS was 
again married to a Mr. Me. CRAY of Ellington, and had by him a num- 
ber of children. She died March 7, 1849. 


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